Passing on the AXE!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 by Mike Thaison



After 14 years of neck-breaking mayhem Handsome a.k.a. Marcus Brandel a.k.a. Ormfittan has decided to call it quits.
As stated before Seventribe is a monster that demands 800% attention and with life progressing for Handsome time just wasn’t enough.
Handsome was one of the founding members who helped mold what Seventribe have become through the years.
We are grateful for all the good, insane and fucked-up times both on and off stage.
Best wishes to Handsome on all his future endeavors.

That being said, Seventribe would like to give an official welcome to our new axeman: M3 Roadkiller!!!

New guitarist M3 Roadkiller

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