First days in Indonesia!

Monday, September 8th, 2014 by Mike Thaison

Indonesia has so far been nothing but fantastic. We were picked up at the airport, served food and had some beers.  The toughest part so far has been trying to get used to the climate. It´s around 30 degrees Celsius and the humidity is comparable to a waterfall.

Even though communicating is quite hard sometimes we´ve had our fair share of laughter and language lessons. Some of us have reached the level of saying hi and thank you. Some still struggle.

Loudly Loud have been awesome at taking care of us. They have welcomed us in their houses, they have served us homecooked meals and so great at taking care of us. But they are nothing compared to the audience that took us in. Together we dance, mosh, yelled obscenities and have a great effin time! All in the heat.

There is really no way to describe how warm it is down here, we did the first two shows in small venues without AC filled to the brim with metal and metallovers. Once the gig was over we were literary soaked. It was as if someone thrown us in to a swimming pool and beat the shit out of us.

Afterwards when we were trying to get our breaths back the fans flocked. Everyone wanted to take a picture, talk about the mind-blowing experience of seeing a band that play music with their bodies for the first time.

It was also really fun to see all the other bands playing, before us 29 acts had been playing. Most of them only played two songs and were quite inexperienced. But it´s great to see that there is a venue where small up-and-coming bands can get stage time. The metal scene in Indonesia is quite brutal already and I think that in a few years we will see an explosion in great bands!

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  1. vijay ramdhan says:

    thank you because you have been willing to tour in Indonesia when diIndonesia erratic climate. you are the first band I admire bands that brutal band menyaiangi crew, audience and Indonesian people. the point I will not forget your stage act, insanity you, the joy you once again thank you for your seventribe

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