First week in Indonesia!

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 by Mike Thaison

When we woke up there was still some confusion about where we were supposed to play for the night. We said fuck it and bought some coconut ice cream and went to Jungle Water Park.

Since the confusion was massive we skipped all plans and played in the same place as yesterday, Edisan Music Depok. However the word had spread and this time the venue was filled to the brim with metallovers. We moshed, we crowsurfed and had an awesome fucking time.

After a few hours of sleep we were on the road again. This time we made our impact upon Wedding Land, Bogur. That´s right, the show was set in a place specifically built to host weddings. This land is treating us with strange awesomeness upon strange awesomeness.

Next stop was Jogjakarta and Festival Bawahtanah. In order to get there we had ride the bus for almost 21 hours. It was a true pain in the ass but washed away the instant we stepped on stage and met almost 300 crazed up headbangers. Unfortunately D-Man got struck with some sort of mutated monstervirus that rendered him totally incapacitated. Our roadie/tour manager/fix-it-all-guy was able to fill in for him. Nowhere near the same quality in his vocals but at least he has dreadlocks.

After a refreshing night in a hotel that reminded us all of playing through silent hill we went to Kebumen. A small city and naturally we had small expectations. The old proverb that minds us not to judge the book by the cover seemed right again however. We mounted the stage armed to our teeth and the massive force of 1500 screaming Indonesian fans that amassed for the greatness of Gutsbull Movement Fest. Big up to Kebumen Hardcore!


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  1. Jalen says:

    åhh, det lät gott och inte allför &#&2y1;d2rt8#8221; om man ska lyxa till det lite. Skall provas till helgen :) kramis Ida A

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