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THIS IS THE END [Official announcement]

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Seventribe 1999-2015

In the beginning – late 1999 in Västerås, Sweden – a band was forged when two other bands split up under very turbulent conditions.
Out of this turmoil, anger and frustration Seventribe emerged.

The path was set; to make a fucking racket, to point fingers to the establishment, to cause controversy, to stand up for ourselves, to have balls, to fuck the norm and to channelize all bad energy into something constructive and positive – To befriend enemies, to convert skeptics, to give strength and inspiration to less fortunate, to make a difference, to show that metal runs so much deeper than your clothes, your haircut, your social status, your skincolor, or how much ink you’ve done.

Many years have passed, and the ride has been nothing short of insane. But the last couple of years focus has been shifted and diverted into something else than the very roots and spine of Seventribe. Divided views on what Seventribe is and should continue as, has made it impossible to carry on without compromises.
Seventribe never compromise. This wouldn’t be fair to ourselves, to the Seventribe phenomena, and most of all – not fair to you, our fans.

The situation has come to the very edge where the unison decision has been made between both the two remaining co-founders Mike Thaison and D-Man and the rest of the remaining members to end this era.
Needles to say, it is hard for us all. Although for the best.
Seventribe will never die, but has come to an end as it is for now.

Love and special credits:
-All of our supportive families and friends
-Previous members
-Gabriel Eriksson and the crazy mahfakkas at Berntson Brands and Jägermeister
-Jenny Nordin
-Malin Tolf
-Nicklas Hovberg
-Martin ‘Aepplet’ Larsson
-Noctifer (Sarah Åhlin)
Billy Biohazard Graziadei of Biohazard
-All supportive day jobs with a special shout out to EKTK and Mstore

And at last – but certainly not least – our fans around the world. You… well.. there are no words. How can we ever thank you.

Until we meet again – if love could kill, this is the end.

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